What I don't like about ... this job

A nearly full week of a furlough-inspired layoff has given me time to think about the future and what I really want out of a job. Not coincidentally, I was actually asked that question: What is it you'd like to do?  Almost by providence, this story came across my Facebook timeline, "10 Ways to Lose Your Best Employees" by Andrew Benett. 

It's a look at why people really leave their jobs. It's not money -- because, I guess, salaries are mostly the same based on your skills. Which means that to this generation of workers, the little things do really matter. 

Here's a few that caught my eye. (Read more, here.)  

1. Hire for the past, not the future. 

This is good for the kids just out of school. Who cares if you've never seen a card catalog -- or you don't understand Bob Newhart references -- we want to discuss on how high your ceiling is. What is your potential to learn things? 

2. Downplay values and mission

If a company is going to have a mission, they may as make it worthwhile. And then, they may as well make it coherent and xxx so everyone wants a part of it. Making money for shareholders doesn't feel like a mission. Nor does, keep your head down because Congress is going to blow this whole thing up. 

8. Hoard information 

While this seems pretty straight forward, it's one of those nice-to-have requirements that make a lot of sense. Of course you'd never work for one of those organizations that keep the definition of success, future developments and a strategic plan all to themselves, right?