Making the Library more effective for University students

Two researchers at the University of Ghana at Legon investigate how the University Library can better meet information needs for post graduate students. 

The study (pdf) is from Michael D. Dzandu and Henry Boateng, both in the University's Department of Inoformation Studies.  

Information needs and information seeking may be well worn research paths, but the researchers point out that most studies take place in developed countries. Students and other researchers in developing countries, the thinking goes, have different needs and hurdles to cross.

Nearly seven out of ten students try to fulfill their information needs from the internet, the researchers found most students don't have  'tried and true' methods for information gathering.

Other findings: Post-Graduate students at the University of Ghana should be using the library more, but they don't. The students complain of an apparent lack of collaboration between professors and librarians; secondly, the don't know about many library services; and third, off campus internet problems (and library access) is problematic. 

From the study.
The results showed that the students had an innate desire to seek for information, yet the University as an academic environment most influenced their information need but at the same time constrained or created barriers to their information search efforts. The findings emphasized Wilson’s information search model as relevant and applicable to the information search activities of the student and that when the correct steps are followed, the search activities could be satisfying and effective.

The researchers offered a few suggestions, including:

  • Embedding Information Literacy skills training into curriculum
  • Creating a more friendly information seeking environment
  • The library must do a better job of promoting services

Here is the study (pdf) is from Michael D. Dzandu and Henry Boateng.