What can libraries do for small business and micro-manufacturing?

The Small Scale Industry sector is the backbone of India's economy. This is generally known as agricultural, rural-based manufacturing and micro production.  However, a lack of competitive intelligence and other business information are holding this sector back, say two researchers in a recent paper. (pdf)

It's an interesting premise. From Keshavaand and Shweta Kalmath

A well-organized library with motivated staff can really make the firm more competitive and efficient than any other competitors. With the intention of increasing the efficiency of the small scale industries libraries can initiate and provide various value added service with the books and journals.

Here's a few of the examples they provide: 

Current Awareness Service: Current awareness service will enhance the efficiency of the firm as it always tries to keep the firm updated on various aspects of the industry. Librarian should understand the needs of the various kinds of users and he must provide current information through any convenient mode of communication in a way to make every one updated and efficient. 
Competitive Intelligence Service: Without knowing what our competitors are doing it is very difficult to every industry to plan for product and marketing. In this situation competitive intelligence is the major source for every industry so librarians must collect the information. 
News Paper Clipping Service: Always there will be on or other news on small scale industries in on or other newspapers so librarians must collect all those news clippings for the reference  of the firm. These clippings will definitely help to users in one or other situation 

You can check out the paper, here