All work and no play

[T]he exercise of freedom is a de facto defense of that same freedom. Freely making art, and freely talking about the art you made, is valuable in and of itself when free expression is being eroded. If anyone’s still taking that freedom for granted, it’s time to wake up and smell the history.

- Rebecca Makkai

This is a US writer writing about the political problems in that country. But I am looking for a more global view of this call to arms: Here is where I ask for the art of people living in United Arab Emirates. It would include Emiratis, of course, but also all those people who were born or moved here that do not have local citizenship. 

We want to hear what those people have to say. What types of creativity would pour out of them?  We want people to express themselves anyway they see fit: Talk about your life, your home, your family. We want to know what you think about how you fit in today’s world. 

Work defines this country. For the millions of people employed here, work is the only way they can live in the UAE. Lose your job and do not pass go and do not collect $200. Even in these type of countries that attracts migrants, work shouldn’t define people. Art and creative work can help fix this. Let’s get to know better some of these folks through their creative output.