Michael Stipe & REM, the 1980s and growing up in public

Michael Stipe, former singer of former band REM, spoke to The Guardian about the favorite songs he wrote and sang. During a conversation about the band’s World Leader Pretend, Stipe had this to say about REM’s early days: 

Being in REM through the 80s meant growing up in public, Stipe says. It also meant learning what being in a group entailed. “I didn’t know the bass player made the low notes until the second album – I was that naive about music and how it’s made.” By the time of Green, the slightly nerdy group from Athens, Georgia, had become stars, and the intensely shy Stipe had to change the way he worked, especially live. “We didn’t have LED screens, so I started dressing in brighter clothes on stage. I started allowing gestures to be larger, which I wouldn’t in the early 80s because I thought it was fake and stupid and popstarish.”