Educators report difficulty finding suitable OER materials

Finding suitable open license educational resources is difficult for teachers, according to a survey conducted by the OER Hub (with funding by the Hewlett Foundation). 

These results were reported in the chapter "What Can OER Do for Me? Evaluating the Claims for OER" from the book Open:  e Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science. 

For all users, the biggest barrier to use of OER was  finding suitable resources, and OER repositories were used very little compared with resources such as YouTube, Khan Academy, and TED talks. Another  nding that was consistent across all groups was the comparatively high level of adaptation.  is might be expected to be high amongst educators (79.8%), but was also found in formal learners (77.3%), and informal learners (84.7%). What constitutes adaptation varies for these users, and is an area that requires further investigation.  is is in contrast to other research which found previously low levels of adaptation.8 For some users adaptation means using the resources as inspiration for creating their own material, as this quote illustrates:
‘What I do is I look at a lot of free resources but I don’t usually give them directly to my students because I usually don’t like them as much as some- thing I would create, so what I do is I get a lot of ideas.’