Traffic Congestion Impacting Employment?

5. With an extra long commute

It’s a red flag if the candidate is late to the interview. Especially if it’s due to a long drive. I also worry if the candidate complains about the commute, parking, or traffic. I’ve had a few good people quit after only a few weeks on the job because the commute was just too much. Some people can handle the extra time or will move for the right opportunity, but many will be repeatedly late for work, or just quit.

These short timers may not be alone. According to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard[pdf], the average auto commuter spent 42 hours on their commute per year. IN 1982, that number was 18 hours. 

In 2014, congestion caused urban Americans to travel an extra 6.9 billion hours and purchase an extra 3.1 billion gallons of fuel for a congestion cost of $1 60 billion. Trucks account for $28 billion (17 percent ) of that cost, much more than their 7 percent of traffic .