Ebook Usage: Patron-Driven Acquisitions v. Subscription Model

Hua Yi, from the California State University of San Marcos, studied the difference in usage between patron-driven acquisitions (paid for by CSUSM) and large subscription databases, which is paid for by CSU consortia. Yi found both have their benefits

It would be highly beneficial if we could combine the best out of both of these acquisitions models, PDA and subscription of large aggregated databases/bundles. Based on the findings and discussion here, the author would suggest that the PDA model is a more suitable acquisition model at the local level. In which case, the CSUSM library would only add PDA e - books selected by its own students and faculty and the collection would match our campus academic programs better. On the other hand, large aggregated databases and bundles might work better at the consortia level. Most of those large databases and bundles are not customized to the needs of specific organizations. However, consortiums, with their large sizes, have a much higher negotiating power and can obtain better pricing for their members. Having the same content at a better price should be an advantage for a local library to seek when considering subscription to un - customized databases and bundles.

Also interesting is the subject breakdown differences between PDA and subscription model.