Best social media practices for librarians

Katy Kelly and Gwen Glazer, librarians with experience in media (Glazer, a former reporter and Kelly, a film producer), find themselves creating outreach materials for Cornell Libraries using social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, etc. 

They've collected their thoughts in a chapter in the book "The New Academic Librarian: Essays on Changing Roles and Responsibilities"

Regarding those social media accounts, here's a portion of their best practices, which can relate to any library or organization pushing messages via social media:  

  1. Talk only when you have something to say
  2. Consider your (diverse) target audience. When students, professors, alumni, administrators and the like are all your audience, you must think about what is too granular and what is too broad to post? 
  3. Don't obsess over assessment? "It's impossible to measure how private experiences with Facebook or any other social-media tool impact future."
  4. Find substantive content that speaks to a larger goal

There's more, and it can be found here