A tale of two disciplines: How Big IT and frontline health workers fix Ebola (and beyond)

Sitting at a morning meeting called Responding to the Global Health Crisis: Technology & Policy Innovation almost felt like attending two separate conferences. The first group spoke glowingly about how Big IT can solve health problems: high speed and cloud computing can provide enough infrastructure to produce high quality data analysis. The second group concentrated on the less flashy needs (technology and otherwise) of frontline health workers in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Lost memories: Libraries and books destroyed in the 20th century (and today)

The number of libraries and archives lost to natural destruction and human war is incalculable. During the twentieth century, the two World Wars were the greatest enemies of libraries and archives. As we mark the 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War II, we must also remember that the real enemy is those people who hate books and what they stand for: memory and culture of a people. 

A primer for Creative Confidence

A discussion of the book Creative Confidence by David Kelley, a founder of the international design firm IDEO, and his brother Tom, who also works at the firm. We look at how the Kelleys argue that understanding customer needs is the key to giving them innovative solutions.